Facal Consulting


Economic and optinized proposals

Test that ensure solution efficiency

FACAL offers consulting services in agreement with European certification standards,
especially those related to energy certification systems that aim to give information on energy consumption to users.

In order to ensure it’s innovating proposals, FACAL has established protocols with the Instituo da
Constuçao da Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (Construction Institute, Oporto University, School of Engineering), which enables the company to constantly update its knowledge
and conception of new project development.





The resolution of the concept is the high point of FACAL’s participation

FACAL develops consulting services in agreement with the European certification standards.

FACAL answers to the most demanding requests and the most complex project ideas.

The FACAL team works for architects, designers and engineers and also coordinates the construction projects.





Cutting edge technology

Conducted by the internal applications engineering department, and using up-to-date technological equipment, FACAL has the ability to produce more complex and innovative systems.

It has done so in the past, and will continue to do so in the future; large investments in a flexible production system that allows FACAL to carry more production.





Structure in absolute self-sufficiency

FACAL has the ability to set up and install all its projects.Our window installing team techniques and skills are accomplished with safe, rigorous and perfect execution, all within the scheduled deadline.